By Koswe Editors

For those who were still young in the 90’s and may not know the true character of Jezebel Nawakwi, we profile her for you to make your own judgement of how vernomous and corrupt this woman is.In 1997, as Minister of Agriculture, she was involved in the infamous Carlington maize deal in which the country lost millions of dollars through a deal where money was paid by her but the maize was not delivered.

She can’t deny this.In 1997, Nawakwi through a man named Ali Ben Manashe concocted a false story that former President Kaunda was involved in a coup plot to oust President Chiluba. This resulted in Kaunda being arrested. Many people are not aware that it’s actually Jazebel Nawakwi through her hatred for Kaunda who was behind the arrest of the former president.

When she was still Minister of Agriculture (1997), she undermined the highly competent Finance Minister, late RDS Penza by cheating to late President Chiluba that Penza was undermining Chiluba. All this was meant to clear the strong Penza out of the Finance Minister to facilitate the Manashe maize scandal. Indeed, it did not take long before Penza was removed from Finance and thereafter, Penza was brutally murdered in cold blood (execution style) at night in his well secured home.

That’s how dangerous dangerous a criminal she is.In 1998, Jezebel Nawakwi was appointed Minister of Finance. This same year she aborted a baby. (If she denies we will produce the medical records). While at Finance, she was offered a bribe of USD3m by Ali Ben Manashe in exchange for his appointment to privatize ZCCM. Jezebel Nawakwi approached the then Attorney General to facilitate this appointment but the latter refused to corporate to make this appointment. Nawakwi went ahead and illegally appointed Ben Manashe to privatize ZCCM.

When Chiluba learnt about this, he was very annoyed and fired Jezebel Nawakwi from the position of Finance Minister after serving only 11months in office.When Mazoka died, she approached some senior UPND officials to try and block HH from taking over the party. But unfortunately she was on the losing side.Currently, she has been enrolled by the PF to try and find something that they can use to ensure HH is convicted so that his name does not appear on the ballot next year. In exchange, the PF will take her as Lungu’s running mate.We challenge Jezebel to deny this so that we can lay her full dossier on the table.


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