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What will be PF message in 2021?


As youths I think we have heard enough of your funerals and propagandas. PF cadres and cabinet members have also show us how to survive in prisons and street, where we only see development when it’s campaigning time.

We have seen how government has dicampaingned opposition members of Parliament by not developing there areas, but every session they cry to them to develop areas like northwestern and southern province.

Personally I don’t know what is the PF manifesto, at first it was more money, more jobs, lower taxes but now, it changed to, Bill 10, tongas, HH, UPND. To be honest I thought politics is about balance and checks until I saw how powerful caders and police officer started kill innocent people taking the law in their own hands, all in the name of power and protecting illegal dirt businesses of few individuals.

In infrastructure it’s another story, they gave a contract to a Chinese man, who has been powerful than ACC. The chains man and government agencies are now friends in real deals, when making a $6 000 road there making it at cost of $32 000, when renovation of mwanawasa hospital cost $30 000 and stating a new hospital in Muchinga province front A to Z at cost of $30 000.

My question is what will be your massage for 2021 pf?

You have been in power for 10 years and the only youth empowerment you did was:

1… You gave party caders to run the markets and bus stations instead of councils.

2… You funded musicians so that they don’t sing hit songs like koswe mumpoto and mwankole.

I think we have now grown-up and understand standard that presidency is not about tribe, even layers can’t government. What kind of lawyer who can feed his children with high; taxes, high fuel prices,high food prices, high school fees and dollar at $21 on top… No meal allowances, no power, no jobs… And no rule of law in Zambia. Twanaka ©SHAMOBA I SUBMIT


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